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MUA of the Week: Week 6

Sibella Kara

About Sibella
Sibella has loved the makeup/beauty industry ever since she was a child. Her grandmother did burlesque makeup for show girls and she would often take her behind stage to see her work. She would always show her little tips and tricks! Ever since then, Sibella has been inspired by the industry and even picked up where her grandmother left off doing burlesque makeup in the same burlesque house!
Sibella is a lover of SFX, glam and natural makeup looks, but loves beauty and art in all forms! She loves that you can be who you want, when you want, at any time of the day or night. You can express yourself in so many forms in makeup and that’s what she really loves about it! Especially seeing the passion that goes into creating new products, and seeing new retail stores like ours!
Sibella’s Holy Grail Products
SUVA Beauty Single Shadows! Favourite: “Hookah” – Available on Beautola!
NYX Matte Liner
La Girl Pro Concealers
Lime Crime Velvets (amazing staying power) – Available on Beautola!
Lime Crime Opals Highlight Palette – Available on Beautola!
Lash World Lashes in "Florence" and "Nafeesa"
The most important part of Sibella’s beauty routine is definitely skincare! She uses lots of different but natural products on her face for better makeup application and just in general better skin. She also loves ending the perfect glam look with some dramatic lashes!
Sibella loves SUVA Beauty Eye Shadows because holy moly are they pigmented and have such wide variety!
Lime crime Venus 2 Palette! Pigmented and such a beautiful design as well!
To check out Sibella’s artistry – here is a link to her Instagram page!
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